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Honouring Indigenous wellness through culturally grounded, collaborative, primary health care to residents of North Simcoe and Muskoka.

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We love what we do! Our Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin team is made up of dedicated individuals from all walks of life who are committed to making a difference.

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Our Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin Teams

Germaine Elliott

Executive Director

MaryAnn Willmott

Office Manager

Leah Lalonde

Director of Health Services

Addi Kenwell

Executive Assistant

Ryan Walsh

Project Manager

Sheila Winegarden

Program Administrator

Tracy Stevenson

Data Integrity & Healthcare Quality Manager

Amzy Syed

Data Integrity & Project Assistant

Emily Lessard

Clinical Team Lead & Registered Nurse

Courtney Purcer

Indigenous Midwife

Carmen Anderson

Nurse Practitioner

Catherine Tumber

Nurse Practitioner

Peter Cameron


Paige Fenelon

Registered Nurse

Christie Ward

On Call Medical Office Administrator & Horse Supported Wellness

Lee Berriault

Nurse Practitioner

Christal Champagne

Registered Nurse


Medical Office Administrator

Iryna Svetov

Nurse Practitioner

Abigail Parent

Nurse Practitioner

Ashlee Brewer

Clinical Care Coordinator

Jenna Harney

Counseling & Wellness Community Team Lead & MSW, RSW

Melissa Petlichkov

CBT Therapist

Toni Jacobs

CBT Therapist

Angela Lorenz

Case Manager

Billie-Jean McBride

Indigenous Social Worker, BASc BSW MSW RSW

Lianne Hudon

Community Team Lead + Health Promoter

Troy Monague

Traditional Healing Coordinator

Chris Walser

Land Based Traditional Healing Coordinator

Courtney Thomas

Life Promoter

Hector Copegog

Elder - Indigenous Healing Program

Bawd Elliott

Life Promoter

Heather McIntyre

Regional Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator

Adrianna Monague

Indigenous Patient Navigator - RVH

Shelley Kennedy

Withdrawal Management Service Nurse Practitioner & Community Addiction Supports & Treatment Team Lead

Kathy St.Amant

Red Road Program Facilitator

Lorie Roberts

Addictions & Mental Health Outreach Counsellor

Steve Beaupre

Red Road Program Facilitator

Dale Beaver

Community Health Navigator

Zoe Horst

Red Road Program Case Manager

Sheena Smith

Indigenous Opioid Addiction Case Manager

Learn about our Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin team

Management: Executive Director & Executive Assistant

Executive Director: Is a resource to the Board of Directors and will maintain a mutual cooperative and collaborative working relationship with the Indigenous Health Circle.  Works collaboratively with the entirety of the team and provides ongoing support to all programs. Will continue to work collaboratively with the regional community partners to ensure long lasting professional relationships.

Executive Assistant: Is responsible for organizing office effectiveness and efficiency. Executive Assistant will have sound judgement, decision-making and excellent interpersonal skills.  Manage a wide variety of administrative and clerical tasks and be proficient with computers to help with supporting programs and staff.

Quality Assurance Decision Support Specialist

Manages a broad range of services related to the input, quality, privacy, standardization, training and generation of data to create reports for Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team.

This position highly collaborates and provides support to other staff members involved in data functions. A high level of communication, coordination, analytical and technical skills are provided.

Medical Office Assistants – Barrie & Orillia

Works within an Indigenous multi-disciplinary team to provide a variety of administrative and logistical support. Support accessible program service delivery and the clinic’s hours of operation.

Will provide intake support, and data management functions and will assist clients with booking appointments, time management, follow up and support access to traditional healers and primary care staff.

Nurse Practitioner – Barrie, Orillia, Beausoleil & Rama

Registered Nurses in the Extended Class [RN(ECs)], more commonly known as Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are graduate-prepared Registered Nurses, regulated since 1998 in the Extended Class by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

NPs must meet rigorous requirements and standards to enter and maintain ongoing registration in Ontario. NPs independently, and in collaboration with health care professionals, provide health care services for all ages and across the health spectrum (e.g., primary care, acute care and long-term care).

In Ontario, NPs are authorized to:

  • Complete a comprehensive health history and assessment;
  • Formulate and communicate a diagnosis, taking a differential diagnosis into consideration;
  • Prescribe all medications including controlled drugs and substances;
  • Dispense, sell, and compound medications;
  • Minor procedures like biopsies, excision of skin lesions, incision and drainage, sutures
  • Set and cast fractures and dislocated joints;
  • Order and interpret all laboratory tests;
  • Admit, treat and discharge patients from hospitals; (not a wide practice as yet, but within scope)
  • Order all diagnostic imaging tests with the exception of CT’s, MRI, and nuclear medicine
  • Refer to all specialties and specialists, cardiology, neurology etc.

Registered Nurse – Barrie, Orillia & Rama

Registered nurses perform a variety of functions:

  • Evaluate and record patient symptoms
  • Complete assessments
  • Help Nurse Practitioners during exams and minor wound care procedures
  • Dress wounds and incisions
  • Teach patients about self-care and healthy habits
  • Lab work
  • Review patient treatment plans and measure progress
  • Support the Nurse Practitioners to assist with flow of service.

They will also monitor clients with stable chronic conditions, providing client and family education, performing or assisting with minor procedures, performing well child visits, foot care services, overseeing infection control.

Social Worker (Registered) - Barrie

Provides psychosocial assessment, treatment and intervention for Indigenous individuals in the North Simcoe Muskoka region.

Services are offered in a culturally supportive way to promote Indigenous children, youth, and adults in achieving Mino Bimaadziwin (The Good Life) and may be offered in a clinic or community setting. Play Therapy is one modality adapted by the current Social Worker.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist – Barrie and Surrounding Area

CBT is a structured, problem-focused and goal-oriented form of psychotherapy. CBT helps people learn to identify, question and encourage change in their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to their emotional and behavioural reactions that cause them difficulty.

The therapist can help plan, conduct and deliver a program to individuals and/or group setting for adults with depressive and anxiety disorders.

There is a high importance on meeting the client where they are at and providing them support as the therapeutic relationships develops.
One day a week, supports are available on Beausoleil Island.

Traditional Healer

Implement health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating Indigenous healing and wellness while using ceremonies, medicines and reconnecting with mother earth.

Traditional Healing Coordinator

Is responsible for working with traditional healers in the coordination of delivery of services that advance wellness and health promotion. The worker will maintain the Indigenous Health Circle’s Cultural Well-Being Framework. These services may be offered in clinic or community setting.

  • Establish and maintain regular contact with community recognized traditional healers and knowledge keepers for the provision of service.
  • Establish and maintain a collaborative relationship between Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin and partner communities to ensure effective service delivery to clients.
  • Responsible for the scheduling and coordination of traditional healers. Assist traditional healers when needed.

Life Promoter

Services are offered in a culturally supportive way to promote Indigenous children, youth, and adults in achieving Mino Bimaadziwin (The Good Life), and may be offered in a clinic or community setting. Supports are available in the community or office setting.

Health & Nutrition Promoter

Is responsible for advancing health promotion and disease prevention strategies for Indigenous Peoples in North Simcoe Muskoka.

They will work as a part of the Interprofessional team to provide Indigenous people affected by Diabetes and other health related conditions with the knowledge, understandings and skills necessary to live a good healthy life. Direct support will be provided to individuals as well as facilitation of workshops within the community.

  • Will provide input to client care plans, provide education and assess the results of educational strategies to fulfill client needs through lifespan.
  • Support clients and families that would benefit from risk reduction strategies, including those who require: Diabetes management, healthy lifestyles coaching and smoking cessation.
  • Promote mindful healthy living strategies that include land-based activities, balanced nutrition plan and social connections. *
  • Support access to culture based healing strategies including land base activities and ceremonies.

Mental Health and Addictions Services

The Red Road to Recovery is a 10 week program that involves the use of the Medicine Wheel teachings, Traditional Teachings and a generic set of 12 principles.

We design our approach around the Medicine Wheel and the gifts available from each direction, emphasizing 4 questions we seek to answer:

  • Why Am I? What is my Purpose – East
  • Who Am I? What is my Identity  – South
  • Where Am I Going? What is my Destiny – West
  • The Mystery? The unknown? – North

Participants will begin to take responsibility for their choices, realize what has been detrimental to their well-being, and recognize their own self-worth.

Eastern Direction – Knowledge and Understanding of the Principles of Honesty, Hope/Vision and Faith. We will do mind mapping which will give us a concise view of the current state of our mental health and addictions and do further mind mapping to allow us to envision what we could become and seek while walking the Red Road and the Good Life.

Prophecy Teaching and Sunrise Ceremony Teaching/Meditation

Southern Direction – Renewal of the Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body. Finding Ourselves through healing exercises of the Principles of Courage, Integrity and Willingness.

7 Gifts of the Grandfather Teachings/how to apply to everyday life

Western Direction – Strength, Cleansing and Envisioning of the Principles of Humility, Forgiveness and Justice. Participants are finding their relationships making positive changes and choices needed to continue on the Red Road in a good way.

7 Stages of Life Teachings

Northern Direction – Healing and Finding the Wisdom for themselves and the Elders. The Principles of Perseverance, Spiritual Awareness and Service.  Participants acknowledge their strengths and have faith and belief that their Spirit guides them on the Red Road to Recovery and to lead a good life.

Wellness Wheel; Hope, Belonging, Meaning and Purpose Teachings

On the 10th week there is a celebration; we provide a meal of their choice by delivery as well as a Red Road to Recovery Certificate of Completion. We also provide a daily meditation book, “Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie and “365 Days of the Red Road” by Terri Jean.

All participants who have completed the Red Road to Recovery receive an invite to participate in a weekly Peer Support Group that is ongoing every Tuesday 6:30-8pm.

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